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Chananya and Talia Deitcher

All Ziva knew was that our mothers were praying for the same thing. See details

Orit Ryba

I was stunned. How had Ziva known I would click with a man she didn’t even know? Obviously, God was present. See details

Dr Ilan Cohen

 It was Ziva who brought us together and showed us that we were clearly made for each other. See details

Julie Daniel

From the day I met Ziva until I walked down the aisle, I didn’t make a single relationship decision without first consulting her. See details

Mark Goldstein

Her advice is of tremendous value to anybody facing the big questions about life and relationships. . See details

Dr Daniel Samadi

Little did I know that her advice and guidance were slowly directing me to my destiny…Seven months later, we walked down the aisle. See details

Jay M. Schultz

Ziva is both my spiritual and practical teacher. See details

Azi Cutter

With Ziva on my side, I felt an angel of G-d was holding my hand. Nine months later Jessica and I were engaged. See details

Ariella Attias

Ziva’s coaching took me where I am now. I am engaged and getting married on July 1st, 2009. See details

Tefila Trip Testimonials

I got married after participating in the Israel tefila trip. See details

Chananya and Talia Deitcher Orit Ryba Dr Ilan Cohen Julie Daniel Mark Goldstein Dr Daniel Samadi Jay M. Schultz Azi Cutter Ariella Attias Tefila Trip Testimonials





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