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 What Exactly Is Compatibility?

Being compatible does not mean that you both like puppies, lasagna, and Wyclef Jean. Those are shallow interests that you have in common. Common interests are a bonus, but by no stretch of the imagination do they make two people compatible. It’s also a bonus—but again not a measure of compatibility—if you come from similar backgrounds.

Compatibility has more to do with whether or not your future goals line up, what his religious values are compared to yours, and whether or not you have similar views on family and more.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking that your Prince Charming will be flawless. Everyone is flawed. The question is: Are his flaws manageable or are they deal-breakers? For example, if you want children and he hates children, that’s probably a deal-breaker. If he has a tendency to get drunk and abusive, that’s a deal-breaker. If he chews too loudly or interrupts when he gets excited…well, those are probably things you can work on.


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