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When boot-cut jeans were in style, no one could have anticipated the rise of skinny jeans. When the Beatles were making girls faint, no one could have imagined that one day their songs would play softly in department stores. Some fads are so pervasive, it’s hard to picture the world without them. It’s hard to even call them fads.

These days, a lot of men are treating commitment like last year’s jeans, like something no longer relevant, no longer cool, and about as necessary as their old Beanie Baby collections. According to a study done at Rutgers University, Men are in no great hurry to get married. “Unlike women, they have no biological clock to impose a strict time limit on fertility” (16).

But is it fair to move commitment from the What’s Hot list to the What’s Not list? After all, we’re talking about something that, until recently, had thrived since the beginning of time, as classic as the pearl choker, as natural, desirable, and essential as breathing. Women know it. But these days, men are confused. 

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Aviva said:

What does then mean to us women dating? Should we just realise there aren't enough men for all of us, since so many of them don't want to get married, and give up?
May 03, 2013
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