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Spiritual Growth

 The world of dating in the United States is undergoing a palpable change in focus.  Whereas recent decades were defined by more superficial and secular values during courtships, today's singles -- both as individuals and in their relationships -- increasingly returning spirituality as a guiding force in finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. The reason? 

 Many singles have regained an awareness that prioritizing the spiritual in their quest for a life partner will lead them to a more giving, caring, and loyal relationship.  That's for two reasons.  First, those qualities are rooted in one's inner self rather than one's materialistic or physical drives.  Deep down, everyone desires above all to feel loved and respected for their unique inner being.  Second, most Americans believe in a Higher Power, and that this Power, that many call God, commanded us to treat one another respectfully.  While viewing another as a means to satisfy one's physical or materialistic pleasures will inevitably lead to disrespect and hurtful behavior, a spiritual connection necessarily will elevate the bond.  Simply put: to find a soul mate, singles must connect with their soul.  And thank God, that's just the trend we see today.

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