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I constantly hear single women say, “I’m so over dating.” But at the same time, they are clearly still hopeful. Even after a thousand unsuccessful dates, they still put on their makeup and do their hair when they are about to meet a new guy for a drink. They still fantasize about this date being different from all the others, about this guy finally being “the one.” How can there be so much hope after so much disappointment?

It is because although most women will not give up on the dream of marriage, “dating” is chronically, undeniably dissatisfying. It often leads to disillusionment, frustration, and heartbreak. It is a broken system. So instead of trying to fix it, why not try something new?

Forget dating! Forget the late nights in loud bars, the awkward moment where you’re wondering if he’s going to kiss you, the long, torturous conversations with your girlfriends about whether the guy is a player or a serious prospect. Let’s eliminate the awkwardness and the ambiguity.

You Are No Longer Dating. Now You Are Connecting

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