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Marriage after Tefila Trip to Israel




I got engaged exactly 3 months from the day I got back from Ziva's Tefila trip! On this trip I learned how to pray, how to ask, how to thank and how to get what I wanted in life. I learned that the most important obstacle in my life was leaving all my doubts and allowing Hashem to take over.


I came home with a new found love, not only for my future husband but more importantly for Hashem, for Israel and for everything that being Jewish has to offer.


I have always gone to Israel touring all these historical sites but the Tefila trip was one I wish I could revive and relive.


If I had the chance to go on this trip again I wouldn’t even think twice about it. You have once in a lifetime chance. Take it now!

Nadia levy


Marriage after Tefila Trip to Israel




I was engaged about 2 months after the Tefila Trip.

The trip and the holiness of Eretz Yisroel created a place of serenity from which it was much easier to tap into the prayer. The Tefila trip offered me the opportunity to connect to the land, to other women just like me, to feel like I am a link in the tradition of our ancestors and the prayer just flowed.


I gave over my control to Hashem and only asked him to help me feel his presence and help me daven for the right things at the right time. Visiting holy places and tapping into their energy was truly a special experience. But more than anything else, I think that Ziva were the power house that made me believe in prayer. Her encouragement, care and support helped me to believe that prayer does work!


Elisheva bat Gisya Basya


Marriage after 40 days of Tefila in Israel



I got engaged two and a half months after the Tefila Trip, between Yom Kippur to Sukot. I was spiritually uplifted and strengthened by this prayer. Waking up early in the mornings and trekking on Jerusalem stone, making my way to the Kotel with other women to show Hashem that we're devoted to Him, that we believe in Him, that we're not going to stop praying. Moshe Rabeinu had prayed to Hashem so many times to be given the privilege of entering Israel, until Hashem told him, "Stop, for if you pray one more time, I will have to answer your wishes." Our rabbis derive from here that every dream that a person has can be fulfilled, so long as he prays for it enough times.


Hadar Wasser



Success at work after Tefila Trip to Israel


One of the stories that I shared with others who asked me about the trip, was how miracles happen suddenly and without explanation, if we are open to seeing Hashem's grace and give him the proper gratitude for opening the "pipes of blessing" for us.


At the time Ziva mentioned her idea for this trip in her class, one day in May, as soon as I heard Ziva speak about it, my first thought was "I'm in!"  I was working part time, 3 days a week, living from paycheck to paycheck.  I had some savings, but did not want to take away from it for living expenses.  In addition, I had been asking my boss for several months for full time work, however I was told over and over again that it was not in the plans for a while - there was no immediate plan to expand the dept. (I work in a hospital so there is a lot of "red tape" in general).


Since I did not make enough for a trip to Israel, including a flight at the most expensive, peak time of year, I was going to pull this money from my savings account.  I didn't even give it a second thought.  About a week or 2 later, I bought my ticket and gave my boss my notice for the days I would be away.


No more than 1 week after I bought this plane ticket, my boss comes to me and says that she doesn't know how this happened, but the higher management are moving forward with plans to re-structure our dept. and if I was interested in full time status, it was mine.  I said OF COURSE I'M INTERESTED!! I couldn't believe my ears.  As soon as she left my office, I looked up to g-d and thanked him.  There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION!


The day I got back to work from the Tefila Trip in Israel, my boss said everything was approved, settled and ready for me to simply choose a date on the calendar that I choose to start as full time.


It was so smooth, so easy, and so clearly Hashem's hand.  The lesson I learned from this is that G-d can make ANYTHING happen - out of nowhere!  For all those people who were unsure of whether to come of the trip and did not take that leap of faith, when I share this story with them, they all tell me they have goosebumps.  I thank Hashem EVERY SINGLE DAY for this amazing blessing as parnasa is so important, and I know that our prayers have true power in helping us make all of our wishes realized!


Michelle Chomali


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