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Dear Friends,

 After reading many of the testimonials which appear on this website, you might be thinking to yourself how great and talented that matchmaker is.  You might be thinking that she has made so many great matches and probably knows how to successfully set couples up.  I hear that some people are even saying that I have a magic touch! Stop here because I honestly can not credit myself for all of these matches.  There is a force at work that is far more powerful than I.  It is a force that I do not completely understand.  There is something that leads me to make matches and I don’t always even know how.  Sometimes I feel like a character in a play, accidentally bringing people together.  Before I can even process the climax and resolution of the story, I am standing at center stage and watching, bewildered, as the audience applauds me.

 However, I can tell you the common denominator and the secret of all of “my” successful matches.

If you read carefully what all these people wrote in their testimonials, you will realize that everything that happened to them was due to their personal spiritual growth. One person, for instance, found his happiness because he made a decision to be involved strongly with acts of kindness.  He gave money to poor people and took upon himself to pay more attention to people who are at need.  Another woman who passed her mid thirties, and had almost lost hope, found her husband several months after she sponsored a 10 year old orphaned girl and exhibited an abundance of affection toward her. She sent her letters, bought her clothing, and called to check in on her every week. This woman went out of her way to think about someone else rather than to be focused on herself.  Another woman increased her focus during her time of prayer so her prayer would be more sincere.  Another woman, who was known as a tough cookie without any patience, started working on nurturing her characteristic of gentleness by speaking softly to people whom she worked with and by giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Instead of attacking them, she judged them favorably.  One man took upon himself to stop playing the field.  I even asked him to call some of the women he hurt and ask for forgiveness.

 There are so many stories. Each person has his or her own journey in this world.  Some need to focus on giving.  Others need to focus on polishing other characteristics.  But everyone took upon themselves personal spiritual growth to become a better person. This spiritual growth brought them closer to Hashem, their creator, which eventually helped them find happiness in their life.


 Sincerely yours,

 Ziva Kramer


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