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Orit Ryba



I had heard some buzz around town about Ziva, about how she elevates dating into the spiritual realm, so when I had a chance to hear her speak, I dragged a friend to the lecture. Listening to her made me realize that I was ready for something new. I wanted something real and permanent. When I spoke with her after the lecture, her eyes sparkled when she told me that although she makes matches, she's not really the matchmaker. That's Hashem's job. She encouraged me to get in touch with my spirituality, and I agreed. Soon, she set me up with a man, and we clicked immediately.
After a couple of dates, I mentioned Ziva to him.
"Who is she?" he said.
I was stunned. How had she known I would click with a man she didn't even know? Here was a man who made me laugh like no one ever had, who understood me like no one ever had, who was everything I wanted, and the woman who had set us up barely knew me and didn't know him at all!
Ziva made a perfect match, but obviously, God was present.

-Orit Ryba

Judy and David Segaloff

Since this was my second time around and I'd tried everything, I finally agreed to try Ziva's method: no touching. I was immediately upfront about this with David. It was awkward at first; I was used to using physical cues to gauge whether or not a guy liked me, but eventually, it started to feel natural, and we got really close. Soon we were discussing the future. Then we were married.
I have friends who are still searching for their soul mates, and I always tell them to try Ziva's method. Of course, it was God who brought David and me together, but once we met, it was Ziva's method that made the relationship work. Thank you, Ziva!



Chananya and Talia Deitcher



One day at shul, Ziva saw my mother praying and asked her what she was praying for. "I want my daughter to meet a great man to marry," she said.
Soon after, Ziva saw Chananya's mother praying and asked her the same question. "I want my son to meet a great woman to marry," she said.
Ziva told our mothers, "I have a match for you!"
She didn't know why she felt that Chananya and I were a good fit; all Ziva knew was that our mothers were praying for the same thing. But her instinct was right. We're expecting our first baby.
Chananya and I have this tip to share: Pray! Ask your mother to pray! Prayer works.



Ariella Attias  


I initially met Ziva because I was ready to meet someone special and settle down. I was blown away by her positive energy, and even more impressed over the coming weeks and months when she kept in touch with me, introducing me to men she thought I might like, and coaching me while I dated them. Every time I spoke to her, I hung up the phone and felt like everything was clear. Today, because of Ziva, I’m engaged to be married in a month!  


Jay M. Shultz 

Social and business entrepreneur with global ventures in the fields of IT and international health care, was recently honored as a Jewish Diplomat on behalf of the World Jewish Congress




Ziva's passion for helping people and her vision for our well being is truly inspiring. She has taught me that we must live by our morals actively, consistently, and thoughtfully; and also that contributing to the global community is not just a responsibility, but an honor and a privilege.  Ziva is both my spiritual and practical teacher. Her ability to teach and simplify our traditions and values, highlighting their relevance for today's world, has impacted me tremendously.  Ziva has focused my goals, kindled my soul, and been an all-around a positive role model.”

Julie Daniel
immigration attorney with Krasnogor & Krasnogor LLP


I was introduced to Ziva by a friend of mine who thought I could use some guidance after a bad breakup. The first time Ziva and I sat down together, I was touched by her caring and insights, and impressed by how well she connected with me and understood my situation. From the day I met her until I walked down the aisle, I didn’t make a single relationship decision without first consulting her. Today, thanks to Ziva’s encouragement, I am happily married with a beautiful baby boy. My husband and I love Ziva and her family, and credit them with adding to the spirituality in our lives.



Dr. Daniel Samadi
head and neck surgeon in New York City


I first met Ziva Kramer through a friend with whom I had traveled to Israel. Ziva was conducting a group session for New York City guys in their late 20s and early 30s. Ziva made a special effort to get to know each and every one us. She even gave each of us an in-depth private interview to determine what we wanted out of the session. Ziva was direct and bold, yet gentle and caring. Little did I know that her advice and guidance were slowly directing me to my destiny.

Up to that point, my dating life had begun to feel like an uphill challenge. Some nights, coming home from yet another dreadful date, I would feel hopelessly disappointed and frustrated, wondering if I would ever meet the right person. But after I met Ziva, encouragement was always just a phone call away. She coached me to get my priorities in order and to be open, so that when the right person came along, I would recognize her. Throughout these months, Ziva never asked for anything in return. For all her help, dedication, and perseverance, I feel the deepest gratitude. Ziva encouraged me to become more spiritual in my daily activities – such as putting on my tiffilin, and attending synagogue regularly, etc… It was soon after I followed her guidance that I found myself connecting to G-D in ways that I had never known before.  These things gave me better insight as to who I was and what the true things I was searching for. 

Approximately nine months after the classroom session, I met the woman who would become my wife. I was so excited, but also daunted. Was this the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with?  I had to introduce her to Master Ziva! I asked Ziva if she would meet with her privately, and she made time that very week, sat with my new girlfriend for three hours, and absolutely loved her. Seven months later, we walked down the aisle.  


Mark Goldstein
Managing Director, Head of Restructuring for JP Morgan in Europe


I have known Ziva for several years.  She is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met—extremely positive and full of life. Her advice is of tremendous value to anybody facing the big questions about life and relationships. She is open-minded, understanding of the nature of both genders, and able to really appreciate the concerns and impediments that individuals and couples confront.

She and her husband have the kind of marriage that so many people dream of. They have been happy together for decades; they have five interesting, unique children who conduct themselves admirably; and they are incredibly close with their children and with their grandchildren.


Azi Cutter


Some referred to me as the Mayor of the Upper West Side. Others just knew me as the guy who wasn't serious about settling down. Ziva had heard of my reputation and sought me out. She said, "Azi, I believe in you. You are a special man, and your special bride is waiting for you. Please let me help.” After much resistance, I decided to make Ziva my dating coach. She helped me "pare down" my female relationships, and learn to give my heart to one woman. She set deadlines, and helped me understand what I was truly looking for.

When I first met my future wife, Jessica, Ziva encouraged me to drop her from my list, worried that she wasn’t ready for marriage. Yet when Jessica re-entered my life eight months later, Ziva said she wanted to meet her. This time, she said, "Go for it, with all your heart.” She coached us both during our courtship, giving us both the confidence and the advice we needed. With Ziva on my side, I felt an angel of G-d was holding my hand, and I simply could not fail. Nine months later, Jessica and I were engaged, and Ziva flew 6,000 miles for our romantic destination wedding. Thank you!!!


Dr. Ilan Cohen
director of the Fifth Avenue Eye Center in New York City. To learn about Dr. Cohen click here


Dr Ilan Cohen and his wife 

Dr Ilan Cohen and his wife Talia

"In a big metropolitan area like New York City, the problem among singles isn’t that they’re not meeting people; they meet people all the time. The problem is often internal. People find themselves repeating bad habits, getting stuck in unhealthy patterns. Ziva specializes in guiding singles in the right direction by identifying their deep desires. She is refreshingly open-minded and compassionate.

For my wife and me, she has been a blessing.Over a five-year period, my wife and I met more than once in different places. But ultimately, it was Ziva who brought us together and showed us that we were clearly made for each other. I never imagined myself capable of experiencing the level of love and joy I experience in my marriage. My wife and I are both immigrants from not just the same country, but the same city. Unbeknownst to us, our parents knew each other years ago! How amazing that Ziva, without knowing these details, set us up on a date, certain that we had a chance. Ziva is truly a gift to New York City’s singles."


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