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Dr. Daniel Samadi
head and neck surgeon in New York City


I first met Ziva Kramer through a friend with whom I had traveled to Israel. Ziva was conducting a group session for New York City guys in their late 20s and early 30s. Ziva made a special effort to get to know each and every one us. She even gave each of us an in-depth private interview to determine what we wanted out of the session. Ziva was direct and bold, yet gentle and caring. Little did I know that her advice and guidance were slowly directing me to my destiny.

Up to that point, my dating life had begun to feel like an uphill challenge. Some nights, coming home from yet another dreadful date, I would feel hopelessly disappointed and frustrated, wondering if I would ever meet the right person. But after I met Ziva, encouragement was always just a phone call away. She coached me to get my priorities in order and to be open, so that when the right person came along, I would recognize her. Throughout these months, Ziva never asked for anything in return. For all her help, dedication, and perseverance, I feel the deepest gratitude. Ziva encouraged me to become more spiritual in my daily activities – such as putting on my tiffilin, and attending synagogue regularly, etc… It was soon after I followed her guidance that I found myself connecting to G-D in ways that I had never known before.  These things gave me better insight as to who I was and what the true things I was searching for. 

Approximately nine months after the classroom session, I met the woman who would become my wife. I was so excited, but also daunted. Was this the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with?  I had to introduce her to Master Ziva! I asked Ziva if she would meet with her privately, and she made time that very week, sat with my new girlfriend for three hours, and absolutely loved her. Seven months later, we walked down the aisle.  


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