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Orit Ryba



I had heard some buzz around town about Ziva, about how she elevates dating into the spiritual realm, so when I had a chance to hear her speak, I dragged a friend to the lecture. Listening to her made me realize that I was ready for something new. I wanted something real and permanent. When I spoke with her after the lecture, her eyes sparkled when she told me that although she makes matches, she's not really the matchmaker. That's Hashem's job. She encouraged me to get in touch with my spirituality, and I agreed. Soon, she set me up with a man, and we clicked immediately.
After a couple of dates, I mentioned Ziva to him.
"Who is she?" he said.
I was stunned. How had she known I would click with a man she didn't even know? Here was a man who made me laugh like no one ever had, who understood me like no one ever had, who was everything I wanted, and the woman who had set us up barely knew me and didn't know him at all!
Ziva made a perfect match, but obviously, God was present.

-Orit Ryba


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