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Dr. Ilan Cohen
director of the Fifth Avenue Eye Center in New York City. To learn about Dr. Cohen click here


Dr Ilan Cohen and his wife 

Dr Ilan Cohen and his wife Talia

"In a big metropolitan area like New York City, the problem among singles isn’t that they’re not meeting people; they meet people all the time. The problem is often internal. People find themselves repeating bad habits, getting stuck in unhealthy patterns. Ziva specializes in guiding singles in the right direction by identifying their deep desires. She is refreshingly open-minded and compassionate.

For my wife and me, she has been a blessing.Over a five-year period, my wife and I met more than once in different places. But ultimately, it was Ziva who brought us together and showed us that we were clearly made for each other. I never imagined myself capable of experiencing the level of love and joy I experience in my marriage. My wife and I are both immigrants from not just the same country, but the same city. Unbeknownst to us, our parents knew each other years ago! How amazing that Ziva, without knowing these details, set us up on a date, certain that we had a chance. Ziva is truly a gift to New York City’s singles."


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The Art of Praying
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