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Azi Cutter


Some referred to me as the Mayor of the Upper West Side. Others just knew me as the guy who wasn't serious about settling down. Ziva had heard of my reputation and sought me out. She said, "Azi, I believe in you. You are a special man, and your special bride is waiting for you. Please let me help.” After much resistance, I decided to make Ziva my dating coach. She helped me "pare down" my female relationships, and learn to give my heart to one woman. She set deadlines, and helped me understand what I was truly looking for.

When I first met my future wife, Jessica, Ziva encouraged me to drop her from my list, worried that she wasn’t ready for marriage. Yet when Jessica re-entered my life eight months later, Ziva said she wanted to meet her. This time, she said, "Go for it, with all your heart.” She coached us both during our courtship, giving us both the confidence and the advice we needed. With Ziva on my side, I felt an angel of G-d was holding my hand, and I simply could not fail. Nine months later, Jessica and I were engaged, and Ziva flew 6,000 miles for our romantic destination wedding. Thank you!!!


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